Disco Tits is an independent clothing label committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all operations and business practices. Our conduct affects the integrity and credibility of Disco Tits as a whole. This includes our conduct with customers, suppliers, and all others with whom we do business. 

All design and embroidery work of our T shirts, Denim and any other product is done in our studio. We do not have any employees and all blood, sweat and tears is from our own enjoyment!

Our suppliers are sourced from thorough research and we our proud of the business relationships we have made from this.  From earthquake relief in Haiti to grants that reintegrate at risk youth into the workforce, our suppliers are at the forefront of corporate citizenship.

We strictly do not support

Child Labour: 

Our suppliers do not employ any person under the age of 18.

Forced Labour: 

Our suppliers do not make use of forced labour, whether in the form of prison labour, indentured labour, bonded labour or otherwise.


Our suppliers pay the legal minimum wage or the prevailing industry wage, whichever is higher. We compensate all overtime hours worked with the legally mandated overtime hour premiums.


Our suppliers comply with all provisions for legally mandated benefits.

Hours of Work/Overtime: 

Our suppliers comply with legally mandated regular and overtime work hour limitations. Work hours do not exceed 60 hours per week, including regular and overtime hours, or comply with legal limits if they are lower. 

Health and Safety: 

Our suppliers take all necessary measures in order to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and to prevent accidents or injuries arising out of or occurring in the course of work. They also take all necessary measures to ensure healthy and safe conditions in employee residential facilities, where applicable.


Our suppliers comply with applicable country environmental regulations and laws.

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining: 

Our suppliers recognize and respect the right of employees to Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining.

Harassment or Abuse: 

Every employee shall be treated with respect and dignity. Physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

Discipline and Termination: 

Discipline and Termination procedures are standardized and include a series of warnings prior to suspension or dismissal. Disciplinary procedures do not include the use of punitive deductions or forced resignations.

Freedom of Movement:

When authorized, and under special circumstances (in an emergency or in a matter of personal urgency, death or illness of a family member), employees can leave the facility and are not penalized. Employees have free and reasonable access to drinking water and toilet facilities.

Grievance Procedures: 

Employees are permitted to lodge grievances that are addressed in a systematic manner so as to protect employees’ privacy and protect them from reprisals.


Female employees are not asked about their pregnancy status nor are they required to be tested for pregnancy. We abide by all local and international laws regarding working conditions for pregnant workers, including but not limited to rest breaks and adequate seating.


Our suppliers do not discriminate in hiring, wages, benefits, advancement, discipline or termination on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, physical appearance, pregnancy, sexual orientation, nationality, union affiliation, political opinion or social or ethnic origin.

Documentation and Inspection: 

Our suppliers maintain on file such documentation as may be needed to demonstrate compliance with this CODE of CONDUCT, and shall make these documents available for GILDAN or its designated auditor(s) for inspection

When purchasing any of our T shirts, Denim, Jumpers and anything else you can be safe in the knowledge you are buying from a company that does business in an ethical way.